No. 131. — Report of Lieut. Harry L. Haskell, 125th New York Infantry.

—, 1863.


The regiment left Centreville, Va., on June 25, and arrived at Gettysburg on the morning of July 2. Took position on a nameless hill, situated about half a mile from the village. Three companies were immediately after our arrival deployed as skirmishers in front of our position, suffering some considerable loss during the day.
Just before sunset of that day the brigade was ordered to take position on and support the left, where the entire brigade charged the enemy and drove them, after which we were ordered by Colonel Willard, commanding the brigade, to retreat, which was done in excellent order. The loss on that day was heavy.

About 9 p.m. took the position previously occupied, and held it until after the battle.

On the 3d, skirmishers were kept in front of our position. About 2 p.m. the enemy formed line, and made a desperate charge on our position, and was repulsed with heavy loss. All prisoners agree in saying that it was by far the most desperate battle of the war. Nothing further, other than skirmishing, occurred on our front up to the time the enemy fell back.

The regiment left Gettysburg July 5.

Second Lieutenant, and Acting Adjutant.

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.]

from Official Records, Series 1, Volume 27, Part 1