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The monument to the 2nd New York Cavalry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on Pleasonton Avenue. (39.808765° N, 77.234555° W; Google map; Tour map: Pleasonton Avenue) It was dedicated in 1892 by the State of New York.

Monument to the 2nd New York Cavalry at Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded during the Gettysburg campaign by Lieutenant Colonel Otto Harhaus. It numbered 264 men. It was assigned to the 2nd Brigade2nd Division of the Cavalry Corps.

The regiment was not on the field at Gettysburg, although it was active in cavalry duties throughout the Gettysburg Campaign. Pleasonton Avenue has several monuments to units like this.

From the front of the monument (top right):

2nd N.Y. Cavalry
2nd Brig.
2nd. Div.
Cavalry Corps

Bronze tablet from the monument to the 2nd New York Cavalry at Gettysburg

Bronze tablet from the monument

From the tablet on rear of the monument:

This Regiment was engaged in the battles and skirmishes of the Cavalry Corps until the Brigade reached Hanover Junction, June 30, 1863, when it was moved hastily to Manchester, to guard trains against rumored movements of the enemy, and picketed the surrounding country. July 4th Joined 3rd Division in pursuit of the enemy and participated in the Cavalry engagements until the enemy retreated into Virginia.

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