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The monument to the 5th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on the west side of Emmitsburg Road between the Klingle Farm and Sickles Avenue. (39.80746° N, 77.245155° W; Google map; Tour map: Emmitsburg Rd. & N. Sickles Ave.) It was dedicated by the State of New Jersey on June 30th, 1888.

The 5th New Jersey was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel William J. Sewell, who was wounded on July 2nd. Sewell was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Chancellorsville in May two months before Gettysburg, and went on to become a state and U.S. Senator. Capt. Henry H. Woolsey took command for the rest of the battle even though he was slightly wounded on July 2nd.

Monument to the 5th New Jersey at Gettysburg

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag 3C-2D

From the front of the monument:

5th New Jersey Vol’s.
Col. William J. Sewell
3rd. Brig. Burling’s
2d Div. – 3d Corps,
July 2, 1863

Erected by the State of New Jersey 1888

From the right side:

The regiment first held the skirmish line 400 yards to the
front and left of this spot, and afterwards took position
in the line of battle here.

From the left side:

Losses, Killed 18 Wounded 60, Missing 16
Total 94, being one half the numbers engaged

From the rear:

Mustered in Aug. 22, 1861
Consolidated with 7th Reg., N.J.V. Nov. 6, 1864
Engaged in 32 battles.

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