Union monuments at Gettysburg

There is a Delaware state monument and two Delaware regimental monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield. The two Delaware infantry regiments that fought at the Battle of Gettysburg totaled more than 480 men. Over 160 – one third – became casualties. (see the States at Gettysburg)

Delaware sent over 12,000 men to the Union Army during the Civil War. They were organized into nine regiments of infantry, one each of cavalry and heavy artillery, and one battery of light artillery.  Delaware was the only slave state that did not send any organized units to fight for the Confederacy.

The commander of the Army of the Potomac’s Fifth Corps, Major General George Sykes, was a native of Delaware.

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State of Delaware monument

State of Delaware

1st Delaware monument

1st Delaware Infantry Regiment

2nd Delaware monument

2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment