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View from the top of the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg. Slide 1- View south down Hancock AvanueThe view to the south from the roof of the Pennsylvania Monument.

Hancock Avenue heads directly toward the monument along the high ground of Cemetery Ridge, which gently slopes off to the right (west). Hancock Avenue angles off to the viewer’s right while Humpreys Avenue angles to the viewer’s left. Neither of these roads were here at the time of the battle.

The large monument to the 1st Minnesota Infantry stands at the intersection of the roads, marking the starting point of that regiment’s charge on July 2. From this point south along the crest of Cemetery Ridge a formidable mass of Union artillery assembled on July 2 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery of the Artillery Reserve. All or part of eight batteries formed here facing toward the Confederate threat to the viewer’s right. These batteries also played a major role during Pickett’s Charge on the July 3, savaging the flank of Pickett’s Division as it moved diagonally across their front.

In the center distance are the buildings of the George Weickert farm. The smaller of the two hills beyond the Weickert buildings is Little Round Top, about 1.25 miles (2 km.) distant from the viewer. On July 2 this was the southern point of the Union line. The larger hill to the right is Big Round Top.