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The view to the northeast from the roof of the Pennsylvania Memorial.

The view is to the northeast from the roof of the Pennsylvania Memorial. Humphreys Avenue comes in from the right (south) to intersect with Pleasonton Avenue, which leads to the left back to Hancock Avenue and the the right to Taneytown Road. The red barn of the Fry farm and the tree line in the distance show the location of Taneytown Road, which is outside the park boundary. The hill in the far distance above the barn is Culp’s Hill, the right flank of the Union line during the battle.

The monument at the extreme left of the photo facing Pleasonton Avenue is to the Federal Cavalry Corps, which was commanded by Major General Alfred Pleasonton. Across the avenue at the intersection is a monument to Colonel Pennock Huey’s 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, Cavalry Corps, and behind it are monuments to three of its regiments, (from right to left) the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 4th New York Cavalry and 2nd New York Cavalry. Huey’s Brigade was not at the Battle of Gettysburg – they were picketing roads around Manchester, Maryland, covering the army’s line of supply – but they played an important role in the campaign and were allowed to place their monuments in this rear area.