Despite the similar structure of the two armies into corps, divisions and brigades, the organization of the two armies look very different when comparing corps and divisions.

Comparative Strength of the Corps of the Armies at Gettysburg

Lee organized his army into only three army corps (which had increased from only two before April 1), but each was roughly twice the size of their seven Union counterparts. One small factor in this difference was that Meade had an Artillery Reserve of 2,400 men that were not part of any army corps and does not show up in the table below, while all of Lee’s artillery was assigned to an army corps or a division and is included in the tables.


Comparative Strength of the Infantry Divisions of the Armies at Gettysburg

Just like army corps, Lee had fewer divisions than Meade (9 vs. 19) but their average strength was almost double (6,778 vs. 3,835). The two weakest Confederate divisions were just a but stronger than the largest Union, and Lee’s stongest division was three times the size of Meade’s weakest.