The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of Northern Virginia

Stuart’s Cavalry Division (monument)
Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart
Over 12,000 men
Casualties: 36 Killed, 140 Wounded, 64 Missing, Total 240

Hampton’s Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General Wade Hampton (wounded July 3), Colonel Laurence S. Baker
Casualties: 17 Killed, 58 Wounded, 16 Missing, Total 91

1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Laurence S. Baker (^), Lt. Colonel James B. Gordon

1st South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Colonel John L. Black

2nd South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Major T.J. Lipscomb

Cobb’s Legion (Georgia) Cavalry
Colonel Pierce M.B. Young

Jeff Davis (Mississippi) Legion Cavalry
Lt. Colonel Joseph F. Waring

Phillip’s Legion (Georgia) Cavalry
Lt. Colonel Jefferson C. Phillips

Robertson’s Brigade  (monument)
Brigadier General Beverly H. Robinson

4th North Carolina Cavalry
Colonel Dennis D. Ferebee

5th North Carolina Cavalry

Fitz Lee’s Brigade  (monument)
Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee
Casualties: 5 Killed, 16 Wounded, 29 Missing, Total 50

1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion
Major Harry Gilmore

1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel James H. Drake

2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Thomas T. Munford

3rd Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Thomas H. Owen

4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Williams C. Wickham

5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Thomas L. Rosser

Jenkins’ Brigade  (monument)
Brigadier General Albert G. Jenkins (wounded July 2), Colonel Milton J. Ferguson

14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Major Benjamin F. Eakle

16th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Milton J. Ferguson (^), Major James H. Hounnan

17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel William H. French

34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
Lieutenant Colonel Vincent A. Witcher

36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
Colonel Charles E. Thorburn

Jackson’s (Virginia) Battery  (marker)
Captain Thomas E. Jackson

Jones’ Brigade  (monument)
Brigadier General William E. Jones
Casualties: 11 Killed, 30 Wounded, 6 Missing,Total 47

6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Major Cabell E. Flournoy

7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Thomas C.A. Marshall, Jr.

11th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Lunford L. Lomax

12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment (detached south of the Potomac)
Lt. Colonel T.B. Massie

35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (detached south of the Potomac)
Captain George F. Hough

W.H.F. Lee’s (Chambliss’)  Brigade (monument)
Colonel John R. Chambliss, Jr.
Casualties: 8 Killed, 41 Wounded, 25 Missing, Total 74

2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel William H.F. Payne (wounded & captured June 30),
Captain William A. Graham (wounded, June 30), Lt. Joseph Baker

9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel Richard L.T. Beale

10th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel James L. Davis

13th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Jefferson C. Phillips

Imboden’s Command  (monument)
Brigadier General John D. Imboden

18th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Colonel George W. Imboden

62nd Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel George H. Smith

Virginia Partisan Rangers
Captain John H. McNeill

Stuart Horse Artillery  (monument)
Major Robert F. Beckham
strength: 400 men, 19 guns
casualties: 5 killed, 22 wounded, 27 total

Breathed’s (Virginia) Battery (marker)
Captain James Breathed
4 3″ Rifles
casualties: 6 killed, 8 wounded, 14 total

Chew’s (Virginia) Battery 
Captain Robert P. Chew
5 guns

Griffin’s (Maryland) Battery 
Captain William H. Griffin
4 10-Pounder Parrotts

Hart’s (South Carolina) Battery 
Captain James Reilly
3 Blakely Rifles

McGregor’s (Virginia) Battery (marker)
Captain William M. McGregor
casualties: 5 killed, 7 wounded, 12 total

Moorman’s (Virginia) Battery
Captain Marcellus N. Moorman
4 guns