The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of Northern Virginia > 2nd Corps

Johnson’s Division (monument)
Major General Edward Johnson
strength: 6,430 men
casualties: 370 killed, 1,150 wounded, 410+ missing, 1,940+ total

Jones’ Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General John M. Jones (wounded July 2)
Lt. Colonel Robert H. Dungan
strength: 1,520 men
casualties: 75 killed, 290 wounded, 65+ missing, 430+ total

21st Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel William P. Moseley

25th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel John C. Higginbotham (wounded July 2)
Lt. Colonel J.A. Robinson

42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Robert W. Withers (wounded July 2)
Captain Jesse M. Richardson

44th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Major Norval Cobb (wounded July 2)
Captain Thomas R. Buckner

48th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Robert H. Dungan (^ July 2)
Major Oscar White

50th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Logan H.N. Salyer

Nicholl’s Brigade (monument)
Colonel Jesse M. Williams
strength: 1,100 men
casualties: 70 killed, 290 wounded, 40 missing, 390 total

1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment
Captain Edward D. Willett

2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Ross E. Burke (wounded and captured)

10th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
Major Thomas N. Powell

14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel David Zable

15th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
Captain H.J. Egan

Steuart’s Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General George H. Steuart
strength: 2,120 men
casualties: 140 killed, 370 wounded, 210+ missing, 725+ total

1st North Carolina Infantry Regiments
Lt. Colonel Hamilton A. Brown

3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiments
Major William M. Parsley

10th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel Edward T.H. Warren

23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Simeon T. Walton

37th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Major Henry C. Wood

1st Maryland Battalion (monument)
Lt. Colonel James R. Herbert (wounded July 2)
Major William W. Goldsborough (wounded July 1 and captured July 2)
Captain James P. Crane

Stonewall Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General James A. Walker
strength: 1,320 men
casualties: 65 killed, 170 wounded, 100 missing, 340 total

2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel John Q.A. Nadenbousch

4th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Major William Terry

5th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Colonel John H.S. Funk

27th Virginia Infantry Regiment
Lt. Colonel Daniel M. Shriver

33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment
Captain Jacob B. Golladay

Latimer’s Artillery Battalion (monument)
Major Joseph W. Latimer (mortally wounded July 2)
Captain Charles I. Raine
strength: 360 men, 16 guns
casualties: 22 killed, 29 wounded, 51 total

Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery (marker)
Captain John C. Carpenter
2 Napoleons, 2 3″ Rifles

Chesapeake (Maryland) Battery (marker)
Captain William D. Brown (mortally wounded July 2)
Lieutenant W.S. Chew
4 10-pounder Parrott Rifles

Lee (Virginia) Battery (marker)
Captain Charles I. Raine (^ July 2)
1 10-pounder Parrott Rifle, 1 3″ Rifle, 2 20-pounder Parrott Rifles

1st Maryland Battery (marker)
Captain William F. Dement
4 Napoleons